Inspired by his passion for photography, Emmanuel Panagiotakis and Leroy Ball opened Emmanuel Fine Art Photography Gallery in December of 2017. Emmanuel’s photographs capture the best views of Pittsburgh and some of his other favorite locations, including Babcock State Park, WV and Santorini, Greece. Over 100 gorgeous prints in multiple sizes are available for sale at the gallery, and it is free to visit.

We at the Emmanuel Gallery love helping people to create their ideal space. If you are interested in ordering one of Emmanuel’s prints, are curious about pricing, or have a custom request, feel free to call or e-mail us. Likewise, you are always welcome to visit the gallery during our business hours if you are in the Pittsburgh area.  We would love to have you and answer any questions you may have.


EMMANUEL PANAGIOTAKIS, Gallery Owner/Photographer

Native to Chios Greece, Emmanuel Panagiotakis moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1988 with his wife Genie. In 2004, Emmanuel bought his first digital camera. Quickly, he taught himself proper technique and technical perfection by reading the manual in a second language. Today, Emmanuel dedicates his time traveling from Maine to Colorado and everywhere in between to bring the beauty of the outdoors into his gallery.

LEROY BALL, Business Partner

Leroy is a corporate leader in Pittsburgh and a Western Pennsylvania native who met Emmanuel through their involvement in their community’s youth soccer program. Once Leroy learned of Emmanuel’s talent for capturing strikingly beautiful images, they joined forces to create a space that would bring Emmanuel’s work to life. Leroy’s involvement in the Gallery is a way for him to add to the local cultural scene while helping his friend realize his dream.

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